I realise that many of you are not only interested in renting a property, but also thinking of taking the plunge, and buying yourselves.

Obviously, having ‘been there and done that’ successfully, I am more than willing to pass on the knowledge, and the do’s and don’ts, that I stumbled over along the way.

If you are seriously considering this, please do not hesitate to ring

The benefits of a tried and trusted team are endless. From a licensed Florida Realtor, you should be able to obtain totally free confidential help and independent advice. They should be able to take the hasle out of mortgaging, and finding the right management company for your needs.

They should be able to lead you into the house of your dreams effortlessly, with good sound knowledge and experience of Zoned Rental Areas etc…

And this should be the Tip of the Iceberg. Who is going to ensure the house is being built to your specifications? There is a lot to know and although not exactly a minefield out there, please ensure you deal with good professional people, from start to finish.